Daydream Nation

Sonic Youth
2 CD-R
Polydor, Universal, Geffen
bedruckte CD-Rs, Klapp-Klarsichthülle mit Textblatt, Promo

Krischan am

Diese Promo-Version der Deluxe-Ausgabe des letzten Indie-Albums ist mal wieder eine wassergezeichnete CD-R von Chris Stone.

This promotional CD has been released by Universal Music on the express condition that ownership and tile remain vested with Universal Music which may require delivery up of this record at any time. It may not be sold, transferred, altered or copied (including burning or uploading to the Internet) without the express prior written approval of Universal Music. This promotional CD is unique and traceable. Universal Music is able to monitor its use and identify the source of any unauthorised copies. Universal Music will take appropriate action in respect of any misuse of promotional releases.

Na, dann mal los!


  1. Teenage Riot
  2. Silver Rocket
  3. The Sprawl
  4. ’Cross The Breeze
  5. Eric’s Trip
  6. Total Trash
  7. Hey Joni
  8. Providence
  9. Candle
  10. Rain King
  11. Kissability
  12. The Wonder
  13. Hyperstation
  14. Eliminator Jr.
  15. Eric’s Trip (Home Demo)
  16. The Sprawl
  17. ’Cross The Breeze
  18. Hey Joni
  19. Silver Rocket
  20. Kissability
  21. Eric’s Trip
  22. Candle
  23. The Wonder
  24. Hyperstation
  25. Eliminator Jr.
  26. Providence
  27. Teenage Riot
  28. Rain King
  29. Totally Trashed
  30. Total Trash
  31. Within You Without You
  32. Touch Me I’m Sick
  33. Computer Age
  34. Electricity