Nazi Punks Fuck Off

Napalm Death
7 MOSH 92
hellblaues Vinyl, Cover ist beidseitig bedrucktes Faltblatt

Krischan am

Dass man Grindcore in schlüpferblaues Vinyl pressen kann, finde ich schön. Das Lied, das hier zweimal drauf ist, aber auch. Kenn ich zwar schon von der Virus-100-Compilation, musste aber nochmal auf Vinyl her.

In today’s society the pressures upon us to achieve a goal, or adopt a particular role so we can slot ourselves into daily life, is great (no matter how we try to distance ourselves).

Very often these paths that we lay for ourselves can be fraught with problems. This can lead to either of two things. We can either face these problems head on (which is by no stretch of the imagination, an easy thing to do!), with the help of others, or we can take the easy route and pass the buck onto others who seem an easy target, by using them as scapegoats for our misfortune and »punchbags« for our frustration.

This situation can escalate to great heights of irrational hysteria, and can lead to unprovoked attacks against undoubtedly innocent people (as we are aware of by organisations/active groups such as National Front, British National Party (B.N.P) here in England, Republican Party (R.E.P) and Nationalen Einsatzkommandos (N.E.K) in Germany, and the Ku Klux Klan and various white power sympathy groups in the U.S.A).

If you are African, Asian, American, European or whatever, or you have a different social/cultural/sexual standpoint to the norm – YOU ARE A POTENTIAL TARGET!

Obviously, this timing of the release, ties in with the rapid rise of fascism in Europe to frightening levels, and the object is to let people within the music scene/scenes (and people in general) know that to collectively voice our opinion, we can at least add our support to a stamping out of these ideals. We can’t pretend that our small contribution will bring the solution, but pushing the issue aside will only make the cause of fascism more viable to those who can be swayed by their propaganda. You can help by supporting these movements and publications (and buying this single!).

A.F.A, Anti fascist Action, BM 1734, London, WC1N 3XX
C.A.R.E, Campaign Against Racism and Fascism, BM Box 8784, London, WC1N 3XX
Searchlight (Magazine), 37b New Cavendish St, London, W1N 8JR
Gernika, 65 Rue Du Midi, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
D.W.A.R.S (Antiva), Postbus 267, 1000 AG Amsterdam, Netherlands
R.E.F.L.E.X, Reseau D’Etude Formation Liason Contre L’Extreme Droite, 14 Rue De Nanteuil, 75015 Paris, France
A.M.O.R, Aksjon Mot Organisert Rasisme, Pilestredet 30c, 0164 Oslo, Norway
Stoppa Rasismen, Box 4002, 10261 Stockholm, Sweden
Anti Fashisitishe Infoblatt, Gneisenau Strasse 2a, 1000 Berlin 61, Germany

O.K. Thanx for making the time to care, love + unity
Barney and Napalm Death

All proceeds from this record will be donated to Anti Facist movements.


  1. Nazi Punks Fuck Off!
  2. Aryanisms
  3. Nazi Punks Fuck Off! (Live)
  4. Contemptuous (Xtreem Mix)