Sister Interview Disc

Sonic Youth
Blast First

Krischan vor längerer Zeit

interviewed by Byron Coley of Forced Exposure magazine in New York, May 1987

Whoa! Yo dudes … Here you have a wild an happening scene for ya' ray-de-oh … No less than the Sonic Youth Kim / Thurston ’n’ Lee (with few words from Steve) rapping about their new L.P. »Sister« and general Sonic lifedom … Featuring raps on side one are about a) The »Sister concept« b) Schizophrenia (the track from the L.P.) c) Sonic song structure & method … On side two talk the tuff titty on a) The fortcoming vids b) The track Tuff Gnarl with groovey Lee R. intro c) Da Noo Yark scene d) Food favorites e) Sonic sign-off … Or something like that … Now the real cool dudes who play the dang thing could be no more smart than to cue »White Cross« on the full L.P. version in order to smartly flip the disc from sides one to two. Why that track? Well it err relates maaann, ya dig? … The cool dude interviewing is no other than Sir Byron Coley of the ace »Forced Exposure« U.S. music bible so give him credit ok! Misuse or use as you feel (the powers with you) but do not abuse this wonderous gift we give you. At worst check the record collectors mag for the going rate … All chat raps tuk place at the sonic home on Eldridge St. NY City ’n’ May 14 ’87 All tunes are copyright of My Ears! My Ears! Music except »Hot Wire« (on proper L.P.) which is Crime Music A.S.C.A.P. so file it kid so we can keep it comming … Interview stuff copyright of the speakers but nothing to pay … If in doubt contact: Blast First, Lawford house, 429, Harrow Road, London, W10 4RE or give us a bell on 01 - 969 8866 (Patti or Paul). Very very special thanks to porky Primecut for engine-edit-cut assist rock out wid da’ Youth
Bye now.


  1. The Sister Concept
  2. Schizophrenia
  3. Sonic Song Structure & Method
  4. The Forthcoming Vids
  5. Beauty Lies In The Eye
  6. Da Noo Yark Scene
  7. Tuff Gnarl
  8. Food Favorites
  9. Sonic Signoff