Hallucinogenic Preserve

Sonic Youth
OXY 070
achtseitiges Booklet

Krischan am

Das Oster-Konzert aus Düsseldorf mal wieder. Diesmal mit ein paar Zitaten im Booklet, auch alle aus dem Jahr 1996:

You don’t have to be really sensational to be a rock and roller. I mean, that’s what Punk Rock was all about. It was all so much about doing it yourself and it was also a kind of kiss-off to all the dinosaur Rok ’n’ Rollers, who were all drug addicts. To me, the whole drug thing is so old fashioned and that whole romantic thing that kids buy into. I always thought the whole hardcore scene was about being in control and not being taken in by the media and controlling your own life. And if you are on drugs, then you can’t control it. – Kim

We have always been enthusiastic supporters of the american underground music scene, dipping into it for musical inspiration and touring partners. During 1990 Tour, for example, we featured a very loud, very good band called Nirvana as openers. And on the recent american »Washing Machine« Tour, we hand picked supports that included: riot grrrls Bikini Kill, bass master Mike Watt, The Amps (Breeders Kim Deal’s new band), Unwound (from Olympia, Washington), Polvo (from Chapel Hill, North Carolina) and two other young american bands that I am very excited about: Harry Pussy (from Miami) and Make-Up (from Washington D.C.) – Thurston

A recent visit to the Moroccan hills in northern Africa to play with the legendary »Master Musicians of Jajouka« was incredible. I jammed with them well into the dark African night, smoking kif and hanging out. I played a guitar left there by Chris Stein many years back, through a little generator-powered amplifier into which my friend Bachir Attar’s gimbri was also plugged. We slept in his father’s adobe house, a mud-waled structure painted the most serene blue. It was a primitive paradise! – Lee

I don’t really care about Lollapalooza. I mean, I was happy to play it and I appreciate them letting us do what we do. And it was successful for us. But besides catching the performers on the second stage, you’re not gonna get much of a real musical experience … there’s not going to obe any breakdown of the strict mainstream thing on the first stage. But just walking around Lollapalooza, what you see are all those tents selling trinkets and glasses of water for two dollars and that kind of crap. I’m not into it, man. It’s not my scene. – Thurston

For a band like us the world of MTV and Alternative Rock radio-formats is another world than the one we exist in, really. We don’t care about it, and are established enough in our situation that we don’t have to think about it. we are finally free in our own minds from the constraints of these formats. – Lee

We are about to set up our own studio, which should free us from the »system« even further. We are not loaded, but thankful to have enough money to exist without day jobs. We’re happy to be able to be full-time musicians, and that’s what we think about The word »career« hardly ever comes up. – Steve

Irgendein DepP hat da seine Initialien mit Filzstift auf die CD geschrieben.

Made in Czech Republic


  1. Teenage Riot
  2. Bull In The Heather
  3. Starfield Road
  4. Washing Machine
  5. Junkie’s Promise
  6. Saucer-Like
  7. Becuz
  8. Sugar Kane
  9. Skip Tracer
  10. Skink
  11. The Diamond Sea